High Electric Bills Due to AC Faults

Air conditioners consume a lot of power, especially during the summer where they have to be turned on all day. High amounts of power lead to higher electric bills. Higher bills mean more work and sacrifices on things that seem luxurious. This isn’t fair, especially because you invested thousands of dollars to get an AC unit that is now costing you more than its actual cost. If you were keen on your bills, the air conditioner didn’t consume that amount of power when it was new and it seems that the more we use it, the higher the bills get. The problem is maintenance; air conditioners consume more power when they are faulty. Here are a few reasons that could have led to rise in your electric bills;

• The compressor is faulty

The compressor uses a lot of power when you start the unit and therefore, when it is faulty it probably would consume more electricity than usual causing an abnormal rise in your electric bills. You will have to contact air conditioning repair services to get the compressor repaired or replaced if need be.

• Clogged coil and filter

When particles and dust accumulate on the coil of your unit for a long while, they block and reduce the capability of the air conditioning system, forcing it to ‘pull’ more power to try and generate favorable conditions. This overworks the system and in turn hiking your electricity bill. You can clean the coil easily, but you’ll want the air conditioning repair team to replace your filters.

These are just simple reasons that can be fixed easily, but they can be really costly when ignored. There is a time my electric bill nearly doubled yet I had not purchased any new electronics that could have been the cause of the dramatic rise in my bills. After I read some articles online about the effect of faulty air conditioners on electricity bills, I asked around for air conditioning repair services and hired a technician who later told me it that the AC coil had clogged and that lead to higher power consumption. It cost didn’t even amount to a third of the electric bills I had paid the last two months.

Always have your air conditioning system checked and serviced occasionally to avoid unnecessary bills, or expenses that can come up later due to simple maintenance failures. Air conditioning repair is not that expensive compared to the expenses you were probably going to incur later on. Visit http://www.theexperts-oz.com.au/!