Getting to Know the Photo Booth Hire Staff

When you get a photobooth hire, you also need to consider the employees working in it. After all, it is not just all about the booth—it is also about the people who will operate them.

  • Photographers

You must remember that these companies employ only professional photographers to work behind the camera. It is not all about the quality of paper where the pictures will get printed and the camera itself, although they do have a massive impact on the results of the photos. The person clicking on the camera also contributes to the results. If you are getting a photobooth hire, knowing the photographer who will work on the booth beforehand is recommended.

  • Phone Operators

The one who will pick up the phone to assist you with your questions and inquiries should be knowledgeable and skilled in communicating about what their company is capable of providing. As the customer, expect to get a good idea about the whole package. Know important details such as the limitations of use, props, backdrops, prices, and discounts.

If you experience any dissatisfaction with the information they provide or how they handle your call, it is best to let their supervisor and manager informed. How your queries are handled is a reflection of the type of service you will receive on the site.

At the same time, if you experience an excellent service, give commendation and let his or her supervisor or manager know that he or she did an excellent job. This can motivate them to provide better service to their future customers.

  • Venue Assistants

These are the people who are assisting your guests on the booth. They are well-trained to ensure that your guests are assisted to everything they need when they visit the booth. It is recommended that you speak with them and personally give instructions if there are any.

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