Get To Know The Different Concrete Cutting Services

Concrete cutting is a must when constructing a building. For a building to be functional, it must be inserted with different pipes and tubes. It is through these tubes that elements can pass through so that property will be liveable like for example the water pipes, electrical wirings and so on. But concrete cuttings are not just for those functions. Sometimes, the reason for the concrete cutting services is for aesthetics like for designs and so on. There are different types of concrete cutting and each type will use different kind of tool. Each tool is not that easy to operate especially that some of them are quite heavy. This is the reason why, if there is a need for concrete cutting services in your project, you should hire a pro. Don’t just assume that an ordinary carpenter can also know this. Of course he will claim that he can but it is really different when you hire concrete cutting specialist in Brisbane.

Here are the different types of concrete cutting services:



– Flat sawing is the first and most common type of concrete cutting service. This is done to concrete surface like the cutting is done horizontally. The tool use here is a kind of diamond blade that is mounted to a walk-behind type of machine. This machine will only need one operator. The concrete cutting here must be done accurately. You will usually need this in surfaces like roads, garages, parking lots, even patios and still many others.

– This type of concrete cutting service is utilized when the above method will not be possible. The saw used here is smaller and more manoeuvrable. Thus if the concrete is in a difficult area like the heavy and huge machine used in flat sawing can’t get through, then push sawing method will be applied.

– With the use of track mounted machine, wall sawing is done. Yes, this is another type of sawing that is obviously meant in cutting concrete walls like if the need to insert some pipes or wirings will arise. A circular saw blade will be attached to the machine and then they will run it to the wall until their bottom line will be achieved.

– Hand sawing is one of the concrete cutting services that are used when portability is required. Here, a circular blade will be attached to a hand-held saw that is usually powered by gas or electricity.

– Chain sawing is also part of the concrete cutting services. This method is used when the need to make a square hole in the concrete is a must or if there are cuts that are not cleaned. This will of course use a chain saw machine with diamond segments.

There are still some concrete cutting services that are not mentioned here like core drilling, concrete grinding, concrete removal and many others. Note that these services are hard to do since they need accuracy. Thus you should always hire a pro for this.