Floor stripping – What to do and how to do it

Floor stripping is more than just cleaning the floor. It is an in depth floor cleaning, “stripping” off the floor of more than just dust and grime but also the protective layers that have been manually applied using chemicals and solutions such as wax. Here are the usual steps taken in performing floor stripping.

Prepare the room for the floor stripping

When a room is made to undergo floor stripping, it should be prepared so there will be no problems when the procedure begins. Furniture and appliances should be moved to another room for the time being and windows should be opened for room to have proper ventilation as floor stripping solutions have strong fumes that may possible cause the cleaner to become light headed. Aside from the room, the cleaner should also be dressed and prepared for the cleaning. Floor stripping solutions are known for their harsh chemicals so this will be reason enough to wear rubber gloves and be covered from head to toe with pants and long-sleeved shirts.

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Sweep and vacuum the floor prior to the stripping

The reason for this is to avoid dust and grime to mix with the stripping solution which will make a bigger mess to clean. The floor should be cleaned by sweeping and vacuuming well to eliminate visible dirt and dust. The corners should not be missed out as dust can possibly hide in these hard to reach areas.

Begin the application

Once the room is prepared and the cleaner is properly geared for the cleaning, the floor stripping can begin. The stripping solution must be chosen by the cleaner that will fit to the material his floor is in. Often times, this will lead to damages such as color bleeding if the wrong solution is applied. If the solution is practically new to the owner but it is made to match the floor material, the first thing that should be done is to prepare the solution according to its instructions. After which, the solution should be tested by applying a part of it in a corner of the room. If there are no problems coming out after the application, then it is safe to use it all over the room. This step is then followed by washing the floor with water after the solution has been applied. Reapplying the necessary floor protective solutions will be followed at this point.