Features Of The Best Photo Booth

If you are organizing an event such as a wedding, birthday party or a company get-together, consider hiring a photo booth to help you preserve the memories. The advantage is the fact that you will take clear pictures and occasional videos.

While the technology started many years ago, modern photo booths are digital and process pictures in a matter of seconds. While different photo booth hire companies have varying provisions, discover leading features to look out for.

Box of props

The best photo booths have an array of props packed in a box. You can use any of the props the way you like. Examples are accessories such as glasses, masks, hats, walking sticks, moustaches, signs, and other materials.

Green screen

The benefit of a green screen in photography is the fact that you can have virtually any background in your still image. You simply supply the photo booth hire company with an image of the desired background, and you will have a stunning photograph.

In fact, photo booths these days have preset background for your selection. You can take as many pictures with different green screen backgrounds as you may like.

Photo and video functionalities

Invest in photo booths that have both functionalities for taking still images and recording short videos. In a wedding, for example, relatives of the bride and groom can record videos wishing them luck in their future life.

High definition camera and printer

Ensure the photo booth hire company owns equipment with the innovative quality. The last thing you want is poor quality or pixilated pictures in your important event. For this reason, a high definition camera is ideal.

In addition, hire booths with modern printing technology. In fact, you can have all your images and videos processed into a DVD disk. Alternatively, collect the picture from a protected social media page or the company’s website.

Link to social media

The latest photo booths offer unprecedented technology where you could command the machine to upload the images taken to your Facebook page. The only deterrent is the fact that you may not have a chance to examine the photos before uploading. Therefore, you could end up with photos of friends striking undesirable poses.

Photo booth attendant

You can settle for photo booth hire services that come with a skilled attendant. He can explain how the machines work and what you can expect out of it. He will also assemble the equipment and assist you in fitting the props appropriately.

Live monitor

Modern photo booths have a built in camera to film what is ongoing inside. It relays the images to an external monitor for people outside the booth to watch. While they prepare for what to expect once they get inside the footage creates fun, further accentuating your event. You can have the monitor disabled if you like.

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