Drifting In The Subtropical Air

Looking for a peaceful journey to the calm subtropical air? Norfolk Island is the perfect place you have been looking for. This petite island in the southwest Pacific Ocean is the ideal destination to detox yourself while basking in some pristine subtropical climate. The island is home to many rare species of plants and animals which are exclusive to the island including the Green Parrot and the world’s largest tree fern. From the luscious green hills to the pearly sea shores, the exquisite sea birds to the majestic pines, the island is truly an ode to the Mother Nature.

If you are planning for a quiet and serene vacation with your family, the variety of options available for family accommodation Norfolk Island Australia will be an added advantage. From the traditional style hotels in the town to the beautiful apartments on the hillside and along the shores, the options of accommodation available on the island suit all kinds of people. For those who would prefer a quiet surrounding away from the town, A-frame Chalets at Mokutu offers you a splendid option. The hotel which is slightly away from the town offers beautiful views of the ocean and island. When it comes to family accommodation on Norfolk Island, villas hold a special place because of the privacy it offers. Broadleaf villas on the island can offer you a splendid home-like ambience away from your home with its five modern villas. Another option if you are looking for villas, is the luxurious Shearwater villas. They offer six villa retreats with one, two and three bedroom facility available. Yet another wonderful option for family accommodation on Norfolk Island are apartments. You can get the comforts of home while being surrounded by the luscious and breathtaking scenery in the apartments. The Cascade Green Apartments offer one or two bedroom apartments which are very affordable. The Coast Norfolk Island offers a variety of luxurious options in the World heritage site of the KAVHA with beautiful views of the ocean. It offers apartments, cottages, beach house and loft house with breath taking views of the Pacific Ocean. The next wonderful alternative for family accommodation on Norfolk Island are the beautiful cottages on the island. The Shiralee Executive cottages is a good option for those looking for a touch of luxury in their stay on the island.

After booking a suitable hotel, you can visit the priceless attractions offered by the island. The Norfolk Island museums, tours of island attractions, glass bottom boats, bird tours, etc. are just a few options from the vast list of activities you can indulge in, on the island. The Norfolk Island with its innumerable attractions is a must-visit location for all the nature lovers.