The Do’s and Don’ts of Cutting a Tree

Before cutting a tree, you must realise this is not a task that anybody can perform. However, if you’re used to performing DIY tasks, you can try to do it. You just need to remember these tips:

Do wear safety equipment. It’s common to get injured when performing this task. However, you’ll minimise the chances of that happening when you wear safety equipment. To prevent sawdust from getting in your eyes, you must wear safety goggles. To prevent getting wounds in your legs, you must wear leg protection. It’s highly recommended that you wear knee-high safety boots.

Don’t approach it with a chainsaw if it fails to fall. If it doesn’t fall, it’s under pressure and could snap at any moment. The right thing to do here would be to pull it with a rope. If you use a chainsaw, the tree could fall on you and you’ll wake up in a hospital bed.

Do purchase the proper equipment. Before starting the task, you must have the needed materials. For this process, you’ll need a chainsaw and a 1000-pound test rope. You’ll obviously need the chainsaw to cut down the tree. It must be a 3.5 horsepower and should have a 20-inch bar. The bar indicates how deep the chainsaw can go in and 20 inches is normally enough for most trees.

Don’t stand behind a falling tree. It would be silly to do this because the stump can snap anytime. When that happens, you’ll get massive injuries when it falls on you. Even if you’re a fast runner, you can’t risk it. Therefore, it’s important to stand as far as you can from a falling one.

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