DIY Steps for Unclogging Kitchen Sinks

Having a clogged kitchen is a problem that you should deal with immediately. Neglecting it can result to worse damage which will surely inconvenience everyone in the household. Luckily, there are plenty of solutions available. If you want to save time and do a quick and fast repair, here are some plumbing hacks that’ll get your kitchen sink working smoothly in no time.


1. Use the bent wire hanger technique.

This technique has always been effective in clearing or solving the blocked drain issue. This is what you can use to get to things going. Push and pull the hanger to remove things that are blocking the drain. After doing so, pour hot water on the drain to slowly break up the particles and rinse everything. Repeat the process as necessary until you get your sink to work normally again. Just be patient about it.

2. The baking soda and vinegar combination.

The combination of these two kitchen remedies will create a chemical reaction that will help break down obstructive particles. It will create a foam that will melt away accumulated grease, food, and debris. Then, you can use hot water as a rinse. This solution is widely known as a great remedy for black drains. Just let the solution sit for a few minutes before pouring the hot water.

3. The plunger.

One effective tool in clearing drainage is the plunger. The plunger creates a vacuum that helps push the water down the drain. It is operated by pumping it up and down over the sink. So, be prepared to get your arms working.

These techniques are great if you need a quick fix. However, it’s also necessary to have the plumbing check by a real professional. Expert maintenance will prevent problems and will keep the plumbing system well-functioning for a long time.