DIY Carpet Cleaning

Carpet cleaning is one of the most common household chores that we have to do. We should regularly clean our carpets to avoid diseases that could actually threaten our lives. Yes, not cleaning your carpets can get you deadly diseases that will not just put yourself at risk but your families’ lives as well. Carpet cleaning may sound very tiring to do but it can be done in three simple steps. You will not have to spend a lot of bucks just to have your carpets cleaned because you yourself can just do it. This way, you can also be sure that your carpets are well cleaned and molds free.

1. Prepare all the tools that you need and create a cleaning solution.

First of all you need to prepare brushes and other cleaning tools that you need. After having all the tools ready by your side, you can now start creating your liquid cleaning solution that you will be applying on the carpet to take the stains away and clean it. The cleaning solution can compose of baking soda, vinegar and water. This elements can make up a very powerful cleaning solution that would take away all the stains on the carpet and assure that the carpet is clean and dirt free.



2. Apply the cleaning solution that you have made.

Before applying the solution, vacuum cleaner the carpet to take away all the dusts on it and for you not to have a muddy while cleaning it. The dusts will just make the carpet muddy when you finally apply the solution. Also for you not to have a hard time in tracking the parts that you have already applied a cleaning solution on, you should divide your carpet into 4 equal parts and do the application by quarter. This way, you will not have a mistake in applying a cleaning solution twice on the same area. Plus, you will also know which area have a cleaning solutions already and you will not be stepping on it or spilling any more dirt on it. You will then have a very efficient way of cleaning your carpet. After applying the solution, you can now slowly brush away all the stains and make sure that you are not damaging the fiber of the carpet.

3. Wash it and let it dry.

After taking away all the stains and dirt on the carpet, wash the carpet with water thoroughly. You may repeat the process as long as it is necessary to make sure that no cleaning solution is left. If there are residues of the cleaning solution that you have used, tendency is that your carpet can easily catch dirt and will be prone to molds because deep inside the carpet, there is still a moist area because of the cleaning solution. So, wash the carpet with water as long as it still bubbles. After assuring that all the cleaning solution is washed away, you can now hand the carpet and let it dry. It is ready to be used when the carpet has dried completely.

Some stains and dirt needs a professional carpet cleaning service. Should you need one, contact the Adelaide carpet cleaning service.