Different Types of Lawyers

Lawyers are one of the most important aspects or participants in the judiciary of any state or country. You simply cannot do without them, as they help the general public have a voice in the judicial system of a state or country.

Now whether you seeking the help and assistance of a lawyers to win an argument or lawsuit in the court, or whether you are looking to pursue a career in law and become a lawyer, there is a general confusion in the minds of the public about the different kinds of lawyers that are there. As a matter of fact, a person who is looking to become a lawyer, as well as a person who wants the help of a lawyer, should clearly know the many types of lawyers in order to specialize in specific subjects as well as to consult the appropriate lawyer respectively.

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Lawyers basically undergo the same coaching and training up until the basics, after which each prospective lawyer is required to specialize in certain areas of law. Depending on the specialization and the degree, lawyers can be of several types.

Here are some of the different types of lawyers:

– A corporate lawyer or business lawyer- Business lawyers basically deal with business aspects of law such as employment, mergers and acquisitions, intellectual property etc. Some business lawyers may concentrate on small businesses while some others may concentrate on big enterprise businesses.

– Tax lawyer – As the name suggests, these kinds of lawyers deal with mainly tax and filing returns. They help companies and individuals comply with tax laws and help them in filing their returns.

– Criminal lawyer – Criminal lawyers or criminal defence lawyers basically help people who are accused of committing a crime against the prosecution of the Govt. They help such people stay out of jail or reduce their sentence in judgement.

– Traffic lawyer – These are one of the most common kinds of lawyers and often deal with clients on a daily basis. Such lawyers usually help people fight traffic issues or provide valuable advice.

– Civil litigation lawyer – Such kinds of lawyers often deal with an array of areas such as real estate, business, employment and more. They basically handle any kind of lawsuit that is of nature non-criminal.

– Family lawyer – A family lawyer deals with issues that concern a family. It includes issues like divorces prenuptial agreements, and other issues like family planning.