Different Types of Coffee Beans

There are two main types of coffee beans known all over the world. These are Arabica and Robusta coffee beans. There is a third species known as Liberica from Liberia but this is less common in the world market. Coffee beans contain several layers of skin that cover the seeds. These different skin layers all play different roles. However, before the roasting process begins, the skin layers have to be removed. During roasting, different flavors may be applied to the coffee to give different tastes.


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Arabica coffee beans

The Arabica coffee is a different type of coffee because it has four different chromosomes as compared to other two types which have only two chromosomes. A greater percentage of the world’s coffee is of the Arabica type although not all of them are of top quality. The different tastes in the coffee are attributed to the origin of the coffee. Arabica coffee is best grown in low altitude conditions such as the Hawaii, Mexico and around the Equator.

Robusta coffee beans

The Robusta coffee is not of good quality as that of Arabica. It was commonly known as canephoria in the past. In this brand, the top quality derived here is used in the manufacture of the espresso blends of coffee. The Robusta type of coffee also grows well in low altitude areas and contains more fruit than the Arabica coffee. It can be grown at relatively lower costs than the Arabica coffee and is much more resistant to diseases than the Arabica. In terms of taste, these different coffee varieties are a matter of opinion. Some people consider the Arabica coffee more tasteful than the Robusta type while others think the Robusta is better than the Arabica.

In other instances, the Robusta coffee can be of the same quality as that of Arabica. However, this particular type is not easy to come by and it is very costly if you find them. It is rarely sold independently as it is used to add flavor to some other blends because the caffeine concentration is higher than that in Arabica beans.

Coffee beans growing conditions

All the coffee beans require favorable growing conditions for them to mature. They both need well drained fertile soils with adequate moisture. They require moderate sunlight and shadows for them to produce high quality beans. All coffee requires that you spray the leaves to make them free from fungus and other pests. These insects reduce the quality of the coffee and the general coffee yield per acre.

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