Declassifying the Inner Traits of Beaches

The commercialized beaches of the world have grown to widely popular and in fact over the years the recent statistics have shown the population of these beaches to reach staggering numbers as more tourist come around form all the different parts of the world to make their holidays more worthwhile and fun. The beaches like Puerto Galera offer people to have different night club parties ranging from drinking and rave parties to quite family picnics in the more isolated parts of the island. The island has become overly popular in a very short time span however many tourist in the local cities have taken on the liberty to prove the two sides of the island through careful speculation and assumptions bases on different feedbacks.




1) Easy to approach

The resorts and beaches found on Puerto Galera have been made highly reachable by different amounts of transportation being used to convey different people to their desired location within minutes thus it make it easy for many families visiting the place to sight see different island locations and places

2) Cuisine

The island cuisine has been deemed and projected towards being easy to make and the restaurants found on both of the main scale beaches such as the white beach, specialize in the art of making easy to go food which is light, fragrant and inviting to the people instead of plate full of fats which causes fatigue and sleeping all day.

3) Public interaction

The island’s biggest attraction according to many travellers who travel either alone or with their friends has been defined as the ability to make new friends from different cultural backgrounds and the local population has been termed very friendly as well by different people visiting the island.


1) Ignorance is not a bliss

This factor has been recognized by many notable people travelling to the Puerto Galera islands and beaches. One of the best diving spot in  the Philippines is in Puerto Galera. The highly populated and commercialised beaches have caused many people to ignore the island original scenic beauty whereas to admire only the man made festivities such as bars and rave parties.

2) Privacy concerns

While many Australian visitors prefer the hustle of beaches in such types of tourist locations, many people find it comparing to a similar form as noise pollution, the overcrowding of these beaches in the mid seasons causes the exhibit of different crime waves such as purse snatchings and different cases of robbery in resorts, These sort of factors are the prime causes which lead many people to consider either going to Puerto Galera or any other location with more privileges.

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