Common Types of Doctors in Medicine

Across the history of medicine, doctors have been one of the pioneer healthcare providers and one of the primary front liners in assisting patients. But no one doctor fits all- in fact, they are classified into many kinds to address the different needs of patients on a higher and specified degree. In these cases, they are termed as ‘specialists’ who focus on a specific field of medicine. Knowing the different types may help a patient in decision-making and in choosing the rightful specialist to treat him/her. Here are the common types of doctors across the globe.

Anesthesiologist – a doctor who is in charge of providing pain-controlling drugs or anesthesia before a surgery or in any acute or chronic conditions. His/her job encompasses drug management and patient supervision during an operation.

Cardiologist – a specialist who focuses on the diseases of the heart, blood vessels, and other ailments associated to it. It may be further classified into different types depending on the specific area of the heart and other cardiovascular structures or aspects related.

Dermatologist –a doctor who specializes in treating skin diseases and other related structures. Included in this type are doctors who give enhancement regimens and constructive procedures for skin improvement and aesthetics.

Endocrinologist –he/she concentrates on the conditions related to the endocrine system and other associations. Hormone levels in this field are of particular interest.

Epidemiologist –a doctor who specializes in potential diseases that can pose public concerns and affects a large portion of the population in search for a massive treatment such as vaccinations.

Gynecologist –a specialist who concentrates on the female reproductive system where fertility and pregnancy is one of the main concerns. Included in his/her duties are prenatal care, reproductive care, and issues related to both expectant and new mothers.

Obstetrician –a doctor who concentrates primarily in a field in gynecology that emphasizes on childbirth and neonatal care. Operations such as caesarian sections, surgical removal of tumors, and hysterectomies are included in his/her job. Due to overlaps in duties and responsibilities, the term Ob-gyn is established as both gynecology and obstetrics can be unified and can be portrayed by one specialist.

Immunologist- immunologists are doctors who specialize on immune system including the organisms that cause immunologic insults and weaknesses.

Surgeon –a specialist who does operation in a wide spectrum of surgery from the head to toe. They are further classified into different types such as general surgeon, neurosurgeon, cardiovascular surgeon, ENT surgeon, orals surgeon etc.

Pediatrician –a doctor who mainly deals with patients in their childhood years –from infancy to adolescence and all health conditions concerned with it.

Psychiatrist –an expert in the field of behavior and mental processes focusing on mental illnesses and behavioral conditions.

Internal Medicine Specialist –a doctor who treats conditions without employing surgical techniques. He/She mainly deals with anesthetics, pain-relieving drugs, and other drugs that can alleviate the signs and symptoms and completely treat the health condition.