Carpet Cleaning for your Own Home

Carpets contribute a lot towards the interior look of homes. It adds a lot to the inside look and beauty of a room. Mats play a significant role in the human life for reasons that are deemed weak but profoundly strong. A carpet offers comfort, social interaction, security and productivity to members of the family. There are many reasons as to why carpets are as important as being part of the family such as; soft surface in case of accidents, provision of warmth tot the surrounding, sound and noise absorption, comfort as well as managing mirages and reflectance. Due to this, therefore, there is a need to maintain our carpets clean. This is because tenants interact with the carpet in a way or another.




Proper hygiene of carpets is necessary to avoid allergies due to dust, small organisms that are associated with dirt such as mites and also to eradicate bad smells that may arise due to dirt accumulation. Carpet cleaning, therefore, is the series of steps required in identifying, engulfing, eradication and proper withdrawal of dirt particles from the carpet surface. Cleaning is a measure in terms of preventing impending health hazards related to hygiene.

Carpet cleaning services can be done by the members of the home or hiring the services. It is highly recommended that professional carpet cleaning services be adopted since this personnel have better equipment, knowledge and labour force to undertake the work faster and with better results. Carpet cleaning service providers ensure chemicals do not destroy one’s carpet, add-on services, enhance safety standards and offer a guarantee on their service. Different carpet cleaning ventures price their services differently depending on factors as nature and size of the carpet and the preferred method of cleaning.

Carpet cleaning employs different but ideologically similar methods. The idea is to eradicate dirt particles from the carpet without destroying it.

Steam carpet cleaning is a method whereby a hot solution is exposed to the carpet at high pressure to disintegrate the dirt from the carpet then the dirt is vacuumed with the solution. This method is mainly used for cleaning residential carpets and takes long to dry.

Shampooing the carpet also offers the solution to carpet hygiene. Shampoo is applied on the carpet and drawn using a shampooing machine. Repercussions that arise from this method if used inefficiently include growth of moulds and decay. Besides, carpets take long to dry.

Carpets can also be cleaned by dry cleaning agents such as moist powder or foam. These agents have a high affinity for dirt and will disintegrate the dirt from the carpet after which through vacuum cleaners; the agents plus the dirt is drawn out of the carpet.

Bonnet carpet cleaning is a method applied mainly by industries and involves the use of hot water with rotary machines surrounded absorbent pads. Though the carpet dries quickly, it is not as reliable as shampoo or steam cleaning.

Generally, it is necessary to keep our carpets clean to lead a healthy life as residents.