Benefits Of Regular Air Conditioning Maintenance

Do you need to wait for your air con to malfunction before calling an air con specialist? The obvious answer to that is a big “NO”. Expect that your expenses will sore high if you do not let professionals assist you regularly. Do not let your air conditioning unit acts up before you dial your AC system serviced. Make it a habit that you schedule them to visit and check your unit regularly.

Expect that you will get your air con’s maximum efficiency if you get a regular air conditioning service. You need not worry about paying service fees, as it can be recovered easily from savings you get out of your electrical bill and cheaper repair cost.

It is advised that you get an annual check for your air con before the hot seasons. You definitely want it running and performing at its maximum during the time you need it badly.
Other benefits you can get out of a regular air conditioning service

• Prolonging the lifespan of your unit
• Giving you best comfort all the time
• Your unit will give you lesser cost when operating

What to expect from a regular air conditioning service

• Cleaning coils of condensing unit
• Cleaning coils of evaporator
• If needed, oil the motor of the fan
• Checking if all belts are tight and adjusted well
• Checking the operating pressure and temperatures of the unit versus the specifications set by the
• Checking the level of refrigerant of the unit
• Checking the sensors and thermostats
• All electrical terminals will be tightened
• Checking ductwork for any damages or air leaks
• All zone motors will get checked
• Checking all safety devices of the unit
• Checking and testing drains, condensate tray, and P-Trap
• Checking the compressor’s amp draw and all its components

Regular maintenance of air conditioner is a must. It can help you to lessen your monthly bill and repair expenses. The air conditioning service Brisbane is the one that you can trust. For more than 20 years, they have delivered best results to their customers. They have expert technicians that can provide servicing, maintenance, and installing all types of AC units.