Benefits of Medical Sheepskin

Medical sheepskin has soft wool-lined clothing or coverings. They are best used to prevent bed sores, sooth pain like back ache, rheumatism. While healing and you continuously lie for longer period, this kind of material is good for you.

Bed sores are prevented with medical sheepskin because it reduces weight and friction. The wool fibers that the sheepskin is made of are moving with your body. You will really feel comfortable while sleeping and while you are confined in your wheelchair. Since the air flows freely in the wool fibers, they provide air cushion to prevent back aches and even rheumatism and arthritis.

During winter and summer, medical sheepskin is also beneficial. It provides warmth when the weather is cold and it also provides cool with the summer hot weather. If you have problems when sleeping since you are uncomfortable sleeping, using sheepskin material is indeed helpful. It feels great in the skin because of the natural lanolin in the sheepskin and wool materials.



Your decision is great when you opt to use medical sheepskin since it is long lasting and durable even with frequent use. You can wash it several times, expose to sun for drying – they will still look at their best.

When buying medical sheepskin, consider the following:

•    What size do you need? You have plenty of choices. You can have your entire bed covered so you can move around. There are fitted bed sheets made of medical wool.
•    Check on the pelts for your comfort. There are sheepskins which have #3 pelts. Check on this and try to compare with #1 to see the difference.
•    Make sure you have chosen the premium medical sheepskin product.
•    Check on the reputation of the dealer. There are those that sell higher prices for least quality products.
•    Get what your money deserves.

There are fake sheepskin products in the market now. If they are not fake, they are of low quality and will not provide the comfort you need. When you personally go to the store to buy medical sheepskin, at least, you will be having the idea on what comfort the product can offer by trying it. But if you would like to buy from online stores, make sure you have chosen the right dealer. If you are not sure of the quality, you may buy one but there should be a warranty that when you do not like the product, you can return it and have your money back.