Bathroom Ideas To Maximise Space

All of us love to have extra space in our bathroom for comfort and accessibility. In case you don’t want to sacrifice style, you can opt for materials that are flexible and make the room space. Here are some tips you should know:

Soft colours paint

Establish an illusion of space with soft-coloured paint. This is also applicable for accessories like towels, mirror, countertops, cabinets and other furniture. Opting for minimalist white or light green can make the room illuminated and appealing.

Glass shower doors

Curtains or frosted shower doors eat up the space in bathrooms. Instead, you can install clear shower doors and see how it tricks the eyes in making the room look bigger. You can check out Bathroomware House to see a full collection of accessories in the shower.


Let natural light in

The most effective technique is to let the natural light in. For window treatments, you can opt for a partially open product like blinds. Avoid too long curtains too, as it creates a much smaller space.

Put up shelves or storage

Mess contribute to making the room look smaller so invest in good shelves or cabinets. You can place here towels and other decorations to make it more appealing and inviting. An eye-level shelving can also hold toiletries like shampoo, conditioner or lotion. Make sure to consult an interior designer before putting this up.

Natural light plus accent lighting can make a big difference. You can install one at the button of counters or at the back of mirrors to have an illuminating effect. This has been a trend for a time now and it’s time you try this on.

Sturdy and appropriate materials

You can absolutely add a bathtub to your bathroom permitted that it’s an open space. No separation or dividers but a bare space. You can get sturdy bathroom equipment and products at Bathroomware House. Visit their website to see a wide collection of toilets, showers and sink.