Basic Wedding Photographer Must Do’s


Weddings are one of the most celebrated events in a person’s life. The wedding is in itself is a flurry of activity that a couple should assign a person who can document their big day and this is where wedding photographers come in. Here is a list of what  the wedding photography Gold Coast must do in the ceremony.

Come in prepared

Weddings can go for several hours and will include the preparations of the wedding ceremony. As wedding photographers, it is necessary to prepare and bring the necessary equipment for the big day and that includes a pack of batteries, extra memory cards and different lenses catering to different effects for dramatic shots featuring the bride and groom. An extra camera will come in especially handy if in case the camera currently being used will fail during the event. Having an assistant also helps.

Pay attention to the bride and groom prior to the ceremony

In weddings, everyone’s attention will fall on the bride. Take snapshots of the bride as she prepares for her wedding like her make-up being done together with her bride’s maids. A photo must also be taken of the bridal gown and bouquet before the bride will use them. Now of course, wedding photographers must not forget the groom. Get a photo images of the groom before he meets his bride at the altar with his groom’s men as they finish dressing up. It is also important to take photos of the items that will be used in the wedding before the ceremony starts such as the wedding rings.

Take photos of everyone present in the event

This will help in remembering the faces of the beloved friends and family who have come to witness the wedding. Take their photos before the ceremony takes place and even during the wedding reception. Wedding memories are best recalled and celebrated with photographs of the people who were present during the event from the little flower girls to the wedding sponsors.

Always take note of precious moments… even the wacky ones.

It is the primary responsibility of wedding photographers to take pictures of everything and anything that has happened in the wedding from the preparation of everyone involved in the ceremony until the end of the wedding reception. Photo booths can capture guests moments.

Capturing important milestone matter greatly for the clients such as the entrance of the bride, their first kiss as husband and wife as well as the first dance. Candid shots like the mothers crying during the wedding and the groom’s man awkwardly removing a garter from the bride’s maid leg is also great for good laughs and fond memories.

Practice, Practice, Practice

Becoming professional wedding photographers does not and will not happen overnight. It takes dedication and practice. Even the most adept photographer in this field will still choose to practice and enhance their skills. So if wedding photography is your passion, don’t be afraid to make mistakes and learn from it. Practice really does make things perfect.

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