Advantages of Sear and Air Freight

For businesses that operates base on the exporting and importing goods, choosing the best transporter for these freights is necessary. There are different transporters that carries products to unload to other places. It could be by boat, airplane or through land transportation. Since most freights are to be exported to other countries and continents, air transportation is much better. On the other hand, cargo ship transportation are preferred by many. Here are the advantages of air and cargo ship freight

Advantages of Air Freight

 If the products are needed for immediate purposes then air freight is the best choice. Air freight is the fastest means of delivering exported goods to other countries. If you wanted to build trust and meet client needs in time, air freight is the only option.

 Even if airlines experience some delays, the products are still delivered on the desired location. Air freights have high reliability when it comes to transporting goods.



 Because of the travel time of an air freight, you do not need to worry about the goods whether its consumable or not. Fast product clearance is always achieve and goods can be release in short time.

 There are times when we fear of having our things get lost or stolen. But with an air freight, from the moment you have arrive on the terminal to the loading of the goods, the products are secured. Airports always practiced high security measures.

 Most airlines can now assist individuals to go to places they never imagined they can. Countries that are not reach by airplanes before can now be reached. With air freight, products and goods can be delivered anywhere in the world.

Advantages of sea freight

 Exporting goods through sea freights are less costly than air freight. Prices are calculated by their weight and since air freights are limited to a number of kilo, they priced more. They also priced more because of the travel time it takes for it to be delivered.



 Although sea freight and air freight are limited to a number of kilo to load, sea freights are more used by companies because it can load heavy weight equipment like coals or iron ores. Air freight cannot withstand the weight of these items. They are only limited to food products and light weight materials.
 Sea freights are more environmental friendly than air freights. Too much fuel is needed for an airplane to move. With that, more pollution is generated. With a sea freight, although it emits carbon dioxide just like any other vehicle, it is in lesser amount.

Air freights and sea freights deemed the same benefits but on a different scale. There might be times that sea freights are better but there are also times when air freights are more reliable to use. The only thing common with these two is that both the products are delivered to their designated location. In business world, choosing the best one always wins the situation but utilizing things properly generates more profit for the business.