3 Advantages of Closed Photo Booth over an Open One

If you have an upcoming event, you’ll certainly hire photo booth so everyone will have fun. Choose between two types but choosing between an open and a closed type is like choosing between an iPhone and a Nokia 6150. In other words, the gap is just too big as the open one is far better. Here are the advantages an open type has over its counterpart:

Picture Quality

One of the things that would impress guests is a photo booth that produces quality pictures. Nobody wants a digital copy of a picture that has below average quality. A closed photo booth is not known for its picture quality though because it often uses a webcam to take pictures and the lighting isn’t impressive. Meanwhile, an open photo booth uses a DSLR camera so you will be confident you will get good pictures taken. There is also a big chance a photographer takes the pictures because they also want superior results.

Number of People

Closed photo booths are a large box so you can only imagine a number of people that can fit inside. It is like getting into an elevator where you will have to decide who gets out so everyone can fit in. If you recall seeing pictures where a lot of people are trying to fit in, then you will get the idea of how uncomfortable it is inside the closed type. Since open photo booths have a larger backdrop, more people can fit in. If you are aware you are going to have a lot of attendees for the event, you can talk to the company that will provide it and ask them to allow room for a large group.


Since a closed photo booth is a large bulky object, it would be difficult to move it from one place to another. The same can’t be said for an open one since it is made up of several parts and all of them can be carried easily.