Frequently Asked Questions about a Segway without Handles

Segway without handles is still a relatively new concept that most people are still trying to understand. Here are a few questions and answers that will shed more light on this mini electric automotive.

  • What is the minimum age, height and weight for riding one?

There is no set minimum age but of course this is a matter of common sense. You can’t allow your ten year old to get out of your compound with a Segway without handles. However, the minimum recommended weight is 6 stone and a maximum of 19 stone. As for the height, since there are no handles, it is not really that much of an issue.

If you have to ride it with your kid, make sure it’s off road.

  • Are they easy to ride or are they dangerous?

If you can fall off your bicycle, then you can also fall off a Segway without handles or any moving thing that requires your stability for that matter. However, they are made very easy to ride and using the latest technology to make them safe to ride. You need to take some time to practice until you are able to comfortably balance without falling off.

Before buying one, most companies give you the right instruction and training to ensure that you ride safely.

  • What should you wear?

High heels and minis are definitely not advised as your center of gravity will be shifted. Remember, this is an outdoor activity and you need to wear comfortable shoes and comfortable clothes. Typically, what you would wear to the gym or a hike.

  • What happens if it starts raining?

This depends on the intensity of the rain. If it is seriously pouring down then it becomes dangerous to even ride a normal car. However, if it is a slight drizzle you can go ahead and carry on with your business. But, if you are just learning how to ride, don’t go out even when it’s drizzling because you can’t tell if the rain is going to die down or intensify.

  • Is it possible to hire one?

Yes, so many companies now are hiring these automobiles out to people who just want to have fun or enjoy the convenience without having to commit to a whole purchase.

You can start out by hiring and once you are sure you love the experience, you can now go ahead and get yourself one.