A New Era Of Marketing

In the early 1900’s, marketing was done through methods that were a little effective, but not so much effectiveness is characteristic of the same now. Business people would shout out loud the prices of the products they were selling to attract the attention of prospective customers. This would have been considered effective if only one trader was in the playing field of market, which is definitely unattainable. Having so many traders in the markets shouting for attention brought so much confusion and one could only get what he or she was looking for by searching around carefully for it, then talking with the trader concerned. Unlike today when, though markets are still in place with a few traders shouting for attention, things are much more organized and the confusion witnessed before is no longer in play. A result of digital marketing.

Digital marketing is a general word used to refer to marketing of services or products using technologies that are digital, mostly being the internet, and others like display advertising, mobile phones and all other digital media able to perform this function. A lot of revolution in this area has been seen when comparisons are made between the situation of the same in the 1990s and 2000s. The internet, in the early 90s could only be accessed and used by a handful of people. Product marketing was still done effectively, but little of it was done through the internet because of limited access of the market targeted by businesspeople. Responsively,they turned to methods that could reach the highest number of people. In the latter years, internet grew so fast, with the increased distribution of digital mobile phones and computers. With this, digital marketing is mostly being done through the internet and all the tools packed together and bundled up with it.

To advertise their products and services, traders opt developing websites of their own. People interested can look these websites up, view the advertised products, and if the company allows, order the products online, pay for them online too, and have them delivered in a very short while. This is the amazing turn that digital marketing took. This explains why the same old and ancient market places are almost wholly deserted. People don’t have to drive to market places anymore to get groceries. A few clicks on the mouse and a few typed words, and money sent online, does the whole job.

Currently there are business organizations that perform digital marketing for other companies, as their main job. Digital marketing company make ready short plays aimed at advertising a certain product. When everything is ready, they book air time in broadcasting companies, or television stations, and then do the advertising to the masses, on behalf of the concerned companies.