A Badge of Honor

We all have something that is unique to us, whether it is our talents, skills, or intelligence. These are shown almost all the time, but only with a little scale like answering a difficult question. Everyone has pride with them, which gives almost everyone an urge to show off a little bit or go full swing on displaying his/her abilities. Some prefer to do something else like wear a medal around their necks or carry around a trophy. After some time, they would hang up those medals and ribbons while putting their trophies in a transparent or solid closet. Medals, ribbons, trophies, showing off or displaying are signs that he/she has achieved something new or improved his/her skills. These things that show achievement are given to the top 3 in a contest, usually in gold, silver and bronze.


Gold for 1st place, silver for 2nd place, and bronze for 3rd place, but these aren’t the only handed out in contests, medals and other medal like objects are also given out to the members of an organization or a group. Sometimes these things are given to people fighting for a cause. Examples of medal-like things include a pin and its different types. Usually, to show that someone is affiliated with an association, cause or group, members wear something that is unique to them, like some sort of uniform. Others like to stitch or sew the symbol or name of their association/group, to make them stand out. These things are meant to make the members stand out or different and be therefore easy to tell from a group of people. Although these methods make the mark of their group a lot harder to remove, they do cost a lot since a great amount of skill is needed to do something like this. Some just use something call a lapel pin. Try it here.

A lapel pin is pretty much a medal, except it indicates membership more than glory of achieving something. It is something that shows the symbol of the group the person wearing the pins is associated with. The lapel pin is almost completely made of metal, to avoid damage. As hard as it may sound to design a lapel pin, it’s actually done by the same process as drawing something on a huge canvas. The design is either drawn on paper or done digitally and then the design forms the metal circle part of the pin. Something like this is very good for showing or displaying the group or organization you are with, for example the Soviet Union’s production of these things. The Soviet Union mass produced these in order to show the technical achievements of the Soviet Union like marking a new tourist spot. This are also something good to start a business with, as these showcases the tourist spots and destinations for people who are not familiar with the place. These things are also a great way to show pride and loyalty to the group that you have joined.