5 Tips On Keeping Your Carpets Stain-Free

Having a carpeted flooring could be a blessing and a challenge. Carpets provide unmatched beauty to any floors. With its various styles, textures, and vivid colours, they bring life and beauty to your house.

But they also give its owners a huge responsibility. To perform a complete carpet cleaning, owners must see to it that their carpets are regularly clean and free from stains. Whilst you can use a vacuum cleaner to suck out the dirt and dust deposits to clean your carpet, any obvious stain on it requires a tougher cleaning job.

So how can you keep your carpet stain-free? Here are some of our suggestions:

Apply a stain-resistant treatment

Most carpets available on the market are treated with stain-resistant agents. If your carpet does not have this protection, you can apply it yourself. Buy a carpet and rug protector and apply or spray it on your carpet. This solution will minimise the absorption of liquids that can cause stains.

Buy plastic carpet runners

For areas that have more traffic, putting on plastic carpet runners is your best stain prevention measure. This practice might reduce the attractiveness of your carpet, but it can protect your carpet from getting stains.

Treat spills at once

Spills from coffee and sodas can result to long term stain if you are not quick to clean them. Treat spills quickly by using a clean towel and dab up excess liquid. Placing a towel or cloth with cold water can absorb most of the spill. If this does not work, use stain remover or vinegar. These treatments are applicable only to new stains. Removing old stains may need help from cleaning companies.

Vacuum regularly

Accumulated dirt and debris may result in stains. Dirt can also cause darkening of your carpet over time. Daily use of vacuum cleaner can prevent this. Also, tiny food particles deposited in your carpet can also become a breeding ground for insects. Some of these tiny critters release liquids that produce dark spots and discolorations on your carpet.

Seek professional help

Some stains can only remove by using tools and methods used by carpet cleaning professionals. Hiring these Melbourne carpet cleaning specialists not only remove your fresh stains, they can also give an overall treatment to your carpet to make it look brand new. Acquire their carpet cleaning service regularly to retain the original look of your carpets and keep them clean and hygienic.