5 Symptoms That Your Tree Is Sick

Sick trees cannot only affect your property’s overall look, they can also be a cause of accidents. They can fall on your home, and worst create injuries to your loved ones. However, these can be prevented if you easily identify that your tree is not in good condition. Here’s how:

Weak Roots

If you have noticed that the roots of your tree become brittle and easy to break, this is a sign that it has a disease. This might be infected by fungus and insects or can also be a cause of heavy vehicles and lawnmowers. This must be assessed immediately as weak roots can put the entire tree at risk.

Change in the Leaves

Tree leaves change colour during autumn. However, if the leaves are turning to brown or yellow at a strange time of the year, this could mean that it is sick. Moreover, if they are losing their leaves even without season transition.

Sick Tree

Damaged Branches

If there are no storm or intense wind but the branches are falling, you need to be wary as this could mean it has a disease. Moreover, if you will look at it closely, you will see that the branch is rotting or has insect build up.


Trees that have damage have weaker unions. So, if you see that the branches are weak or they can be split easily, it’s time to call the experts. They will identify the issue and might perform pruning, tree lopping, etc. to prevent them from dying.


Trees get wounded that decay after some time maybe because of improper pruning, bumping of construction equipment, or because they are sick. So, it is important that after seeing some areas that are decaying or rotting, fix the issue as it can penetrate the bark and develop fungi.

Do your trees have these symptoms? Its’ time to call tree lopping Brisbane Southside now!