4 Reasons You Should Hire A Professional For Tile Roof Repairs

Although you might be the kind of person who likes to do everything yourself, and learn as you go, that may not be the best strategy when it comes to tile roof repairs. Although some very simple repairs are certainly possible to do on your own, getting onto a roof to perform repairs is dangerous work, and best left to the professionals.

1. Safety

Although we like to think we’re invincible, that’s simply not the case. When tile roofs exceed one story, you definitely shouldn’t be doing it yourself. Tile roofs are more dangerous than others because they often have surfaces that are slanted and uneven, adding to the instability. According to the Guardian, 52 people died from falling off ladders in the UK in 2011. Roofing repair specialists have the proper training and equipment to ensure safety and prevent accidents.

2. Locating Leaks

If you have a leak, it might seem logical that the source is right above the wet spot. However, actually locating the culprit may not be so intuitive. Any number of tiles in the area around the spot could be causing the leak, and short of a giant gash, it’s unlikely you as a homeowner will be likely to easily locate the damaged tile. In some cases, the cause of the leak may not even be in the spot directly over it, but farther off. Leave the fixing to tile roof repair companies.

3. Prevent Further Damage

Although you might have the best intentions, trying to do tile roof repairs on your own can actually lead to further damage. Although tile is mean to last a lifetime, it wasn’t made to withstand the destructive forces of curious men and women. If you step incorrectly on the roof, drop your tools, or go on a wreck less search to find the elusive source of a leak, you may end up damaging your roof even more. Roofing is a profession for a reason, and tile roof repairs are not something to take lightly.

4. Ensure Correct Installation

Your roof is unique. Tile roofing is a broad category, but they come in various materials, shapes sizes, colours, and are placed and secured onto your roof in a specific way. Choosing a replacement tile has to take all of these aspects into account, otherwise you may end up with a tile that sticks out like a sore thumb, or doesn’t even fit correctly.

When you have a problem, it’s logical that you’d want to fix it, and feel capable enough to do it yourself. However, trying to fix the problem yourself may be counterproductive, causing more problems by risking your health and safety, as well as the integrity of your roof. Instead of taking the risk, call a professional for tile roof repairs.