2 Important Pest Control Services That Must Not Be Ignored

Pest control services entails different types of pest management strategies. The pesticides could be solid(powdered) or liquid in form, some require equipments to be operated others come in their containers. Whatever the case, pesticides must be keenly used as they can have consequential impacts to the operators.

Hazards associated with the pests control services

Exposure to anticholinesterase pesticide could causes neurological symptoms due to the high dose poison contained in the pesticide. Cyano pyrethrin a pesticide, when exposed to the skin can cause temporal pyrethrin.

Exposure to some of these pesticides depends on their types. For instance, some are in liquid state whereas others in powder form. Most liquid pesticides are in concentrated form and are diluted mostly with water prior their application. In the process, there is risk of spillage to the pest control operator causing reaction with the skin and other minor issues.

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Constrained spaces, where pest control services have to be offered, posse the dangers such as musculoskeletal issues due poor ventilation. Other musculoskeletal problems are a result of carrying heavy equipments that are to be used in the process such as the ladder.

Pest control services are also done in roof tops and spaces. Ladders are used during climbing which could be dangerous if one falls off.

In the case of old wirings gnawed by rodents, the pose an electrocution danger to the specialists getting to the roof tops.

Some pest animal sting, bite or scratch such as wasps, bees, spiders and rodents. this could cause certain infections and other allergic reactions. Some spider bites like Red-back and Funnel-wed spiders are poisonous and can lead to death of the pest control operators.

General precaution measures

General precaution measures include wearing protective clothes such a gloves made of cotton such as gloves, long trousers, long sleeves, gloves and hats that are washable. Ensure that the gloves are water proof. These clothing equipments must be ever clean for the pest control service provided. It is necessary that the clothes are soaked in sodium percarbonate product immediately after the service for around 24 hours.

Use of pre diluted pesticides can reduce the risk for exposure to concentrates. Used pesticides containers must be carefully disposed, following manufacturer’s instruction if indicated.

Musculoskeletal problems can be mitigated by use of appropriate equipment and also wearing protective clothes.

As a pest control service provider, ensuring that your specialists are protected from such hazards with methods above mentioned ways is imperative.

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